Internet Of Things- Smart Street Light Solution & Home Automation

Internet of Things

Everyday objects have an IP address using which we can send or receive data allowing us to control them. IOT (or Internet of Things) can be put to a lot of use in the modern world because of the fact that more and more appliances are going online day by day. Internet has always been a medium for computers to connect and exchange data. Now, the privilege of going on the internet has been extended to few daily-life objects as well.

Smart street light solution:

In today's scenario streetlight is on in the day-time causing a huge power loss to the nation. Streetlights do not tell whether: They are on or off, how much energy they are consuming? Whether there is a need of lighting or not, Whether they are faulty and if yes where are they, no information of the streetlight region-wise, State-wise, District-wise, Assembly-wise, Locality-wise, Street-wise, Pole-wise or Bulb-wise. No proper feedback system to tell the concerned authorities if the light is working. Streetlight do not interact with the environment and remain idle in the dark stretches of the roads.

What if?

They are able to tell about: themselves. their health, whether they can work or not, their efficiency, to effectively calculate the ROI, their ON/OFF status, to monitor each streetlight, energy they are consuming, to stop energy theft and save tax-payers money, whether they need to be ON or OFF, so the power is not used unnecessarily, the region-wise, state-wise, district-wise, assembly-wise, locality-wise, street-wise, pole-wise or bulb-wise real-time information and analytics of its state, the location of the faulty streetlight pole-wise.

What we are offering:

We have a developed a hardware and software platform where you can:
Locate the faulty bulb pole-wise and take the action accordingly, analyse which street light are working and which are not, control the streetlight, dimming of streetlight, monitor the energy consumption, predict the lifetime of the bulb, automatically on/off when there is no need of it, timely schedule it to operate accordingly, reduce the energy theft, generate a daily report of all streetlight – region wise, state-wise, district-wise, assembly-wise, locality-wise, street-wise, pole-wise or bulb wise.

Smart Street Light Solution & Home Automation

Technical Features

1. Over the air updates.
2. Six Deployment Architecture.
3. Grouping of 20 poles.
4. On Device Storage.
5. Operational Range Of 40 MTRS (per device).
6. Asynchoronous Data Transmission.
7. Real-time Control & Updation.

Deployment Architecture

1.Master GPRS + Wifi & Wifi Slaves (Bus Topology).
2.Master WIifi & Wifi Slaves (Bus Topology).
3.Master GPRS + Wifi & Wifi Slaves (Bus Topology).
4.Master Wifi & Wifi Slaves (Bus Topology).
5.Single Wifi Device.
6.Single GPRS Device.

Why Smart Streetlight ?

1. Low Maintenance
2. Power Saving
3. Reduced Response time
4. Economical
5. Need Of The Hour
6. Ease Of Management

Home Automation

We make bulbs that can be controlled using your android or iOS smartphone. These bulbs work on the principle of “Internet of Things”. Just ensure that you're connected to the internet! Your I-devices, like iPhone, iPod, iPad etc. Your android device like your phone, TV, or Android Wear. Basically, anything that runs on Android or an i-Device and can connect to the Internet. Redaallco also provides complete mobile and web solutions to aspiring businesses.

Wi-Fi Bulbs – The future

In our technology there is no boundary of distance from anywhere any time user can control their Wi-Fi-enabled LED bulbs, they just need to have internet access in their smart phone. Their Wi-Fi LED bulbs should be connected to their home Wi-Fi network or personal hotspot of their smart phone so that Wi-Fi-enabled LED bulbs can communicate with the smart phone using our app. User can analyze the consumption of electricity ,which is being consumed by their LED bulbs. User will also be able to set electricity unit, after consuming set amount of unit of electricity by LED bulbs, the bulbs will go in sleep mode automatically.

Features of the app

User can switch on and off their LED bulbs. User can control the brightness of LED bulbs. User can change the colour of LED bulbs. These functionalities can be operated manually or through voice command. User can set an alarm in the app and at the specified time, lights will turn on/off automatically. User can change the colour of their LED bulbs simultaneously and can also build the groups of the LED bulbs as well as can change the colour of particular group. For instance: One can make a group of particular specific areas of home like bed room, kitchen, living room, store room, and dining area etc

Other Fetures of the app

A toggle button to switch the bulb on/off : depending on the previous state of the bulb. After switching on the bulb, the user will be able to change the color or switch on the “blink mode” of the bulb. Blink Mode: In the blink mode, the bulb can act as a disco-light oscillating between on and off states. The user can also change the color. A color wheel :which allows the user to select the color they want the bulb to emit. In-built support for voice: Users can control the bulb using their voice, thus eliminating the need for the user to manually control the app.

W hy us?

Over the air updates, low cost solution, save power up to 75%, efficient management, easy to instal, modular and easy to customize, compatible with 2G, less data consumption, very resposive and fast, easily upgradable, algorithm based mode for dimming, artificial intelligence included.

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