Our Services

Quality Assurance

Many applications are put up for sale without the proper testing required. we ensure that every product we release for our clients has been thoroughly and methodically tested to ensure quality to avoid re-launches. We can help to protect your reputation and keep all of your customers happy with glitch free applications the first time around.

Android App Development

We design and create some of the most appealing Android applications in the market. We do so in a cost-effective way,to help your business save money while still making your presence known to the millions of Android users in the world.

iOS Application Development

With over 100 million iPhones sold,your business cannot afford to not have a presence on the App Store. We can work with you to design and build creative and interesting applications for the iPhone to get you noticed.

Smart Street Light Solution & Home Automation

Application Migration

We seamlessly convert business applications that are designed for one operating system and platform to that of another. We are especially adept at transferring i-Phone applications into Android and vice versa.

Application Redesign

We rejuvenate old and out dated applications, giving them a fresh new look. Our application redesigning can work wonders for your business and cast on you a new light. We also provide services like App-store Optimization.

Web Development

Successful website is vital to business survival today. We have advanced website designan ddevelopment skills. We take pride in creating websites that are fun, easy to use and are compatible with most operating systems, platforms and browsers.


We are a well-known Digital Marketing Agency and we know that internet marketing is an umbrella term for the various services provided. We provide services like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), E-commerce marketing, etc. We always try to keep balance between users and customers and this is achieved by the conversion of users (visitors) into customers, With the help of SEO. We use updated algorithms to make sure that your page comes in top-3 ranking as a searched result. Our SEO service helps to ensure your website is accessible to a search engine and improve the chances that the site will be found and ranked highly by the search engine.


We give most of our attentions to the need of our clients and help them to achive their goals. We use various social networking websites to promote your business and we make sure we increase your social media reach. Social Media Optimization (SMO) is an optimization methods for businesses like you to generate publicityou or for increasing the awareness of your product, brand awareness. We create content that has the potential to go viral and we make sure that it reaches maximum people possible. Social Media Optimization is an effective way for implementing online reputation management (ORM).

Application Marketing

The mobile app marketing services that we offer are aimed towards popularizing the need of the application through various techniques of market penetration. Our Mobile app marketing is sure to yield rich dividends in the future. We also provide services like App-store Optimization, Product Marketing, Google Advertising, Online Ads, Brand promotion. Product marketing is our strategic process that enables the promotion and sell of a product to the users or audiences. We always focus on the types of offered products, targeted customers, way of delivering the products to those customers and price of products offered.

Application Testing

At Redaallco, your app goes through various phases of testing and debugging to ensure that their are no bugs in your application, or any serious security loopholes that could cost you in the long run. We use standard testing methods to test its functionality, usability and consistency and have hundreds of testers enrolled among our ranks who push your app to the limits to ensure that it performs above expectations across all devices and platforms.

Quality Analysis

We believe in quality, and in delivering quality content to all our customers. In order to stand true to that belief, we have testers and testing methods that test not only the cross-platform compatibility of your product but also the cross-platform quality of it too. Quality for all is our motto and our devlopment and testing practices are testaments to it. Our core quality analysts apply the principles and practices for software quality assurance throughout its development life cycle.

Video Designing

If your service, brand, or app does not have a video on youtube, you might be missing on a huge chunk of potential customers. Customers who are net-savvy, tech-savvy, and could be your clients as well. We prepare short, but great, videos for your product/service along with its own soundtrack and effects. Your video is published on various video sites thereby unlocking - for you - various other sources of traffic and income.

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